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Coral CLub's Ladder of Success


Discount on all products
Referral Bonus
Additional discounts on future purchases


Free products
Secondary income 200 - 900 EUR.
Primary income and business development 1 200 - 8 000 EUR.
Executive-level income and an international career from 8 000 to EUR.


Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle
Receive extensive support and training about products and business development
Build your own business with a large international company
Take part in the Business Development System and increase your income
Be part of a team of like-minded individuals and successful businesspeople


How would you feel about earning an additional 200 to 900 EUR per month? It only takes several hours per week of training and recruiting new club members and distributors and you can earn over 200 EUR per month! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Everyone can enjoy Coral Club’s high-quality products that promote health, longevity and an active life-style at member prices. Go through a simple registration process and receive a 20% discount from retail prices. You can fill out an application online or at any sales office location and receive a Club Member Number (CCI ID).

To activate your CCI ID, you have to place your 1st order (worth at least 12 volume points) within 90 days of registering. According to company policy, these conditions may be changed at any time.

If you do not place your 1st order (worth at least 12 volume points) within 90 days of activation, your CCI ID will be cancelled. I order to reactivate it, you will need to go through the registration process again.

Club members with the status of Member/Premium Member/Assistant will receive 5% from the purchases made by by Members/Premium Members/Assistants in their 1st Line. Members and Premium Members can use their Referral Bonus to pay for their own orders.

Your 1st Line: everyone who registers into Coral Club based on your recommendation and indicates you as their enroller / sponsor.

Invite a friend and get 5% from their purchases!

Find out more about the Referral Bonus

You can receive an additional 10% discount on your purchases! Once you accumulate 500 volume points, your club member status automatically changes from Member to Premium Member and you will receive 10% from your purchases that you can use towards future purchases.

Member and Premium Member are the first steps on the Ladder of Success. This is a unique opportunity to change the quality of your life using Coral Club’s products and business opportunities!

According to Coral Club’s Compensation Plan, in addition to receiving 10%-25% from the sales volume of their Personal Group, Distributors also receive a percentage from the sales volume of their Directors. You can use those bonuses to purchase products without using any of your family’s budget. You can also convert those bonuses into real money. With Coral Club, everything is possible!

Are you interested in starting and developing your own business? You can take part in large-scale events and training sessions, improve your salary and the quality of your life with Coral Club!

As a Coral Club Distributor, the Car Bonus, Executive Vacation, the 13th Check and Partner's Dividends Bonus are available to you. All this can be possible after only 12-15 months of focused activity in training and participation in company events!

Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling the world, meeting new and interesting people and broadening their horizons? Just imagine that you can do all that and make a sizeable income! One big advantage that Coral Club can offer is that our Distributors can build their business (finding partners and customers) almost anywhere in the world! You are not limited by a cubicle or a standard work schedule! Coral Club’s partners have a passive income and financial stability. Coral Club offers you a real opportunity to build an international career!

Our company is unique because of our wholesome and systematic approach to each individual, their social needs and health.

Coral Club offers complex solutions for supporting health and maintaining an active lifestyle for many years to come through our products!

We offer the possibility to realize one’s potential, receive well-deserved recognition and to attain financial stability through our business model!

Coral Club offers unique training tools that were developed based on our leaders’ experience of success. Use these tools for your own development and share the knowledge with others!

Our training specialist run regular webinars on topics such as product knowledge, company news, successful tools and techniques and more.

Do you think that it is possible to have your own profitable, risk-free business that provides a lucrative income as well as improves your health and well-being? Yes, it’s possible!

Running your own business, having control over your life is the chosen path of brave, decisive people with a proactive approach to life.

Coral Club offers:

  • Business as a source of income
  • Business as a career
  • Business as your calling
  • Business as confidence in the future
  • Business as a way to make the world a better place

Coral Club offers a unique opportunity for everyone who is interested in increasing the success of their team and their business overall – the Executive Vacation!

This is an unprecedented style of event that is offered only to the most deserving and successful leaders – fully paid luxurious vacations and special motivational training sessions that are organized in exclusive places all over the world

If you reached your goals, are ready to develop with Coral Club and to share your knowledge and experience with like-mined people – the Executive Vacation awaits

A team is something more than simply a group of people. Cooperation within a team creates a synergy and the result is greater than the effort of individuals combined.

A team of like-minded people and successful businesspeople allows for every member of the team to unleash their potential.

The Business Development System – yet another advantage that Coral Club offers:

  1. The Business development Bonus is available to the Silver Director, Gold Director, Emerald Director and Diamond Director ranks;
  2. The Executive Vacation is available to ranks from Executive and higher;
  3. The Car Bonus is available to ranks from Executive and higher;
  4. The 13th Check Bonus is available to ranks from Silver Executive and higher;
  5. The Partner's Dividends Bonus is available to ranks from Gold Executive and higher.

For our Car Bonus program, we selected a car company that is in a class of its own – Mercedes-Benz! Superb quality, attention to the smallest details, the latest technology, a beautiful look, the perfect combination of German engineering and performance

Your Mercedes-Benz will represent your discerning taste, high social status, financial stability and success as a Coral Club Executive.

Find out more about the Car Bonus

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